Unforgotten 24

A Letter From Tina

January, 4th 2017 Blog

A note from the filmmaker: This is a letter I received from Tina regarding her father's involvement in the Vietnam war and a little of his backstory. We just had to share it.Hello My name is Tina Duran Ruvalcaba and I am the daughter of Sgt. Jesus Sa[...]

Filmmaker's Journey: Wrap of Principal Photography

September, 16th 2016 Blog

It was fitting that the last interview for Unforgotten 24 would bring the story full circle for me. If you remember we started our first day of shooting with Mitchell Libman and his drive to get the proper recognition due for his childhood friend Leo[...]

Filmmaker's Journey: Hooper Nebraska

May, 30th 2016 Blog

Sometimes when you're shooting a documentary you get to witness nearly every facet of your film's theme unfold all at once. Over Memorial Day weekend that very thing happened for me in Hooper Nebraska.Hooper is a town of only 900 people just 90 minut[...]

Filmmaker's Journey: Interview with Joe Rodriguez

April, 14th 2016 Blog

Today I found myself back in south Florida. It's an uncanny coincidence that several key players in the Unforgotten 24 storyline all live within a few miles of each other.Vincent and I met with Joe Rodriguez to cover the first recipient storyline. He[...]