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Robert Schwab

Robert Schwab

Son of Donald Schwab

Rob Schwab is the youngest child of Donald K. Schwab. His hometown is Hooper, Nebraska, where he was raised on sound small town midwestern values before cell phones or computers. With only three channels on the family's black and white TV, Robert and his siblings were never bored.

He still visits his mother, Maralee (Janssen) Schwab at the care center in Hooper.

His parents ensured that Robert and his siblings had the opportunity to be whatever they wanted to be. So consequently, Robert decided to follow in his brother's footsteps and become a doctor and attend medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

He now practices Internal Medicine at Boystown National Research Hospital. In addition to his practice he spends time teaching and engaging in research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where he addresses health disparities in rural Nebraska and other underserved populations.

He married Robin Ward, also of Hooper, 36 years ago and have two children, Lyndsay, a Radiologist with the Mayo Health System in Rochester, MN and Drew, a petroleum geologist with Chevron in Bakersfield, CA. Robert also has three grandchildren: Madalyn, age five, Nyle, age three, and Elise, three months. They have yet to decide their own path.